Speak Out for Decent Work

On October 2nd, Premier Doug Ford signaled his intent to cave in to the Big Business lobby by rolling back our new workplace rights. Let’s remind the premier that it takes more than a comment in Question Period to undo our fairer employment laws. Click here to sign a petition that will go to Ford and your MPP.

As it stands, THE LAW still says we are less than 13 weeks away from our $15 minimum wage and other hard-won provisions of Bill 148.

This musing from Premier Ford must not be allowed to pass without a response. We need to let him know the whole province is watching. Will he be FOR THE PEOPLE or FOR THE CORPORATE ELITES?

What you can do right now:

  • Call the premier – dial 416-325-1941 to leave a message. Let’s raise our voices from across Ontario.
  • Email your MPPclick here. Then mobilize your friends, family and co-workers to do the same.
  • Sign up for an October 15 Day of Action event in your community – click here to get updates.
  • Order a window / lawn sign or a banner to display on your campus, in your workplace or neighbourhood (click here).
  • Help us get the truth out over social media, by sharing the evidence below:

Don’t believe the lies coming from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, that decent wages hurt the economy.

Statistics Canada data shows that the total number of hours worked by workers across Ontario grew fastest AFTER the minimum wage rose to $14 and in the Food Services and Accommodation sector – the sector with the highest concentration of minimum wage employment — average hours of work grew even faster, increasing by 13% between January and August. Wages in that sector also grew at by an impressive 10% – faster than the rest of Ontario (click here to download shareable)