Immunization Disclosure and Testing Requirements

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

On August 18 th , 2021 the OSBCU hosted a Presidents Town Hall call regarding the Immunization Disclosure Policy &
Testing Requirements.

In attendance at this meeting were Education Local Presidents, National Servicing representatives and the OSBCU
Executive. The purpose of this meeting was to supply information to Presidents and for us to have the opportunity to
ask questions.

To try and minimize the information that was discussed, the OSBCU has put forward individualized questions to the
Deputy Minister. Once the OSBCU receives a response from the Government, they will inform all Locals.
At this time, the Ministry of Education will require all school boards to implement a COVID-19 Immunization
Disclosure Policy as an additional tool to advance safety and support local public health units in working with school
boards to follow COVID-19 Guidance: School Case, Contact, and Outbreak Management.

The policy will require:

1. Provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19; or
2. Provide a formal/official documented medical reason for not being vaccinated against COVID-19; or
3. Participate in an educational program approved by the Ministry of Education.

Staff in schools who are not immunized against COVID-19 will be required to participate in antigen testing. The
volume of testing will be determined by Durham Health. Testing may vary depending on the needs at certain

These directives will also apply to:
– Private schools
– Licensed child cares
– Student placements
– Visitors that frequent schools
– Delivery services
– Student transportation

There was conversation regarding Human Rights/Charter Rights and there are a variety of regulations around this
which are still being looked into. With that said, given the options that have been provided, I would suggest that if a
Member was to refuse to cooperate in some form, this could lead to disciplinary action or a leave without wages.
If a member is unable to participate in any form because of medical reasoning, I would highly recommend that they
submit supportive medical as soon as possible.

Sometime back, when we first started to deal with COVID-19 in our workplaces, there was enormous pressure from
the Membership on the Local and the OSBCU that there would be increased testing in the school setting and all
Education Employees would be given the opportunity to be vaccinated. I realize that some members might feel that
the options that are given are not reasonable to them and I respect that.

As I receive more detailed information I will notify all.

In Solidarity,

Dennis Gibbs
CUPE Local 218