DDSB New Case Summary

DDSB New Cases (Friday and Saturday):

  • Bolton C Falby PS – confirmed case, special education classroom dismissed. Testing will be scheduled for Monday.
  • West Lynde PS – confirmed case, class has been dismissed. Testing March 2.
  • Sir William Stephenson – probable case, classroom dismissed (grade 7/8).
  • Vincent Massey PS – confirmed case, classroom dismissed (Grade 1). Testing Feb. 28
  • Carruthers Creek PS – confirmed case, class dismissed (FDK). Testing, Tuesday, March 2nd.
  • Stephen G. Saywell – confirmed case, all low risk exposures
  • Pickering HS – confirmed case. Did not attend during POC. No school exposure.
  • Ajax HS – 2 confirmed cases (household contacts). Neither attended during POC. No school exposures.
  • Walter E Harris – 2 confirmed cases (household contacts). Testing taking place on Wednesday Mar 3.  Both classes dismissed.

Outbreaks at Maple Ridge and CE Broughton declared over.