DDSB New Case Summary

Adelaide McLaughlin, confirmed case, two classroom dismissed, Gr 7 &8.

·         Cadarackque PS, confirmed case, two classrooms classroom dismissed. Testing March 31
·         West Creek, confirmed case, part of dismissed cohort
·         Gandatsiagon PS – two confirmed cases; Grade 1 and FDK dismissed.
·         John Dryden PS- confirmed case; Classroom dismissed, Grade 6/7
·         Pineridge SS – confirmed case; did not attend during POC
·         West Lynde PS – confirmed case; grade 7 and FDK dismissed; Return April 7
·         Lakewoods PS – confirmed case; from preciously dismissed class; outbreak has been declared in one classroom
·         Bobby Orr PS- confirmed case; PHN still investigating.
·         Whitby Shores PS – confirmed case; FDK class dismissed, testing April 1st
·         Glen Street PS – confirmed case; dismissed grade 3/4 class. Return Apr. 8th. No epi link to previous cases.
·         Altona Road PS – confirmed case; class dismissed, Grade 7.
·         Norman G. Powers – confirmed case; class dismissed, Grade 4/5
·         Bolton C Falby – two confirmed cases (household contacts) – did not attend during POC
·         Chris Hadfield – confirmed case; class dismissed (FDK); testing April 1st
·         Duffin’s Bay PS – confirmed case; class dismissed (FDK). No epi link to previous cases. Testing April 1st
·         R.S. McLaughlin – confirmed case  –  PHN still investigating
·         Julie Payette PS. – confirmed case – all low risk exposures
·         Donald A Wilson – confirmed case, classroom cohort dismissed.