DDSB New Case Summary

  1. Duffin’s Bay PS and PRYDE- 2 confirmed cases; FDK classroom dismissed as well as childcare cohort. Outbreak declared until April 2nd.
  2. Da Vinci PS – confirmed positive. Did not attend during POC.
  3. Lakewoods PS – confirmed case – did not attend during POC
  4. Cadarackque PS – confirmed case – attended during period of communicability. Grade 7/8 classroom dismissed. Testing date tbd.
  5. Pine Ridge PS- confirmed case; second case in bus cohort previously dismissed; outbreak declared to end of day March 31
  6. Westcreek – confirmed case (part of a class cohort linked to positive case) – attended during attended during period of communicability. Class isolation will be extended 1 day and outbreak will be declared limited to 1 classroom until April 2nd.