DDSB COVID Case Summary

New cases:

  1. Eastdale CVI – positive confirmed case who attended both Eastdale CVI and Coronation PS. FDK classroom at Coronation dismissed along with one high risk staff. Testing is scheduled for March 5.
  1. Bolton C Falby – second case linked to positive case reported on Friday within the SE classroom. An outbreak has been declared, limited to a single classroom. Grade 5/6 classroom has been dismissed along with 5 additional students (close contact) and a staff member. Isolation date for all involved has been extended March 12. DRHD will run a second testing clinic on Saturday.  
  1. Vaughn Willard PS – positive confirmed case, classroom dismissed (Grade 2). Return date March 15.
  1. West Lynde – confirmed case, all low risk exposures.
  1. Henry Street HS – confirmed case. Did not attend during POC. No school exposures.
  1. MCVI – probable case. Two classroom cohorts and a bus cohort have been dismissed.


Walter E Harris PS – probable case reported yesterday, negative result, bus cohort will return.